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CNN en Espanol, Media Under Siege as Unrest in Venezuela Continues

Originally posted on Variety:

The media remains under siege in Venezuela as anti-government street protests continue to escalate. CNN en Espanol anchor Patricia Janiot, a former beauty queen from Colombia, abruptly left the country Friday after allegedly receiving threats from the local government, Venezuelan press union SNTP reported. CNN declined to comment but confirmed that Janiot was back in Atlanta and reporting on her experience Friday on-air. CNN en Espanol’s correspondent in Venezuela, Osmary Hernandez, confirmed on her Twitter account that all CNNE and CNN Intl. special envoys to Venezuela have had their press credentials revoked.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro threatened on Thursday to expel CNN from Venezuela unless it “rectified its coverage” of the recent demonstrations and has ordered his administration to begin the process of blocking CNN’s signal in the country.

With local television networks, radio stations and even newspapers effectively stifled by the Maduro government, most Venezuelans have been relying on…

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