My name is Brian, I’m married and have a wonderful little girl who I adore and enjoy teaching. My wife is my second cousin and before anyone jumps to any conclusions I’d like to mention that we both looked into it before we decided to continue falling deeper in love with each other. Apparently there is no issues with children and several smart people throughout history have married their second cousins, like Einstein for example. I’m a student of Psychology and have a deep interest in the liberal arts. I’m open to conversation with people who are willing to accept that they are wrong since I’m willing to accept it as long as I can be proven wrong.

I’m far from perfect and I love my wife so much for knowing so and remaining so close to me despite my terrible imperfections in behavior. I admit I’ve made mistakes and I try to follow through the process of making amends for them. I fix, buy, and sell cell phone as a job while a attend college and take care of my family. I have an associates degree in general studies with several credits in psychology and business. I’m an open minded LDS member (mormon), which means I’ve read other religions doctrines and have come to respect and acknowledge them in religious conversations.

I will add more as time passes, but as for now this is what I can say publicly for myself.

Samabri 11/12/13


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